Exam Day

Car & Instructor Package

Getting ready to take your State Maneuverability Course and get your license?

Feeling a little nervous?

Want to do a Refresher drive beforehand?

Mom, Dad or Guardian make you a little nervous?

You may schedule the use of the car and practice time with your instructor for the driving exam at the BMV. Many students find it helpful and comfortable taking the actual State Driving Test in the same car they used for learning and training for the State Maneuverability Course.

Immediately before the Exam an instructor takes the student on a “refresher” so to speak, and reviews important Basics or Essential Requirements for the Driving Exam.

While Arrow cannot guarantee that any student will successfully pass the Driving Exam, this approach has been known to help students get over their nervousness and feel better prepared for the Test.

The instructor will pick the student up before the students driving exam and will practice maneuverability and road skills prior to the exam.  This must be coordinated with your driving instructor.

Package Price: $75 (Paid in full in advance)

This option is available when you Register & Pay!


Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you “Rent” just the car? No only when accompanied by an instructor.

What will I need? Permit Card, Certificate of Completion, and the 50 hour affidavit.

Does Parent /Guardian go with student?  Parents usually drive separate. Once the student passes the driving exam the parent/guardian can take them to get their license.

Other Resources...

Other Resources:
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